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Tour Guides -​​ Even if you’re traveling to the United States for work, we understand that you’ll want some time to enjoy the destination. And, if you’re traveling for leisure, you should be able to get the most time you possibly can out of the trip, without being concerned about the logistics involved in going from place to place. Allow FIT Travel ​&​ Services to set you up with a professional tour guide, who will help you enjoy exciting adventures, visit breathtaking sites, and experience a new place through the eyes of a local.

FIT Travel ​&​ Services​ provides private guided tours to travelers through a network of carefully selected guides who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their expertise and favorite experiences with you. By taking part in our services, you’ll be able to see every place on your itinerary, without missing a beat. You’ll learn about each sight you see, while having plenty of time to ask questions, take photos, and enjoy the ride from one place to the next.