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About Us

FIT Travel & Services is a luxury travel company based in the United States that provides concierge services to clients worldwide. Our services were developed to provide a relevant, customized menu of program of services to help individuals manage the issues associated with traveling, living, working, and/or studying in the United States.

Our 27-year experienced staff recognizes that each client has unique needs, and therefore, strives to provide our clientele with the highest degree of services in a professional and confidential manner. The entire range of concierge services is designed to assist foreign nationals in getting settled in a new environment as quickly and as easily as possible, by offering assistance in major cities across the United States with:

  • Welcome overviews of customs, processes and procedures
  • Area specific orientations and overviews
  • Housing assistance
  • School evaluation and enrollment assistance
  • Language assistance and guidance
  • Logistical management in assisting with visa, work, or student permits, investor programs, social security and medicare enrollment, obtaining driver licenses, and establishing banking and credit relationships with financial institutions
  • Infrastructure assistance to locate medical and other professional services