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Chauffeur ​​- Traveling is exhausting enough on its own. Attempting to navigate the transportation system in another country is even more added stress, which you certainly don’t need when you’re trying to enjoy yourself abroad.


Shipping​​ – Do you plan on bringing a little bit of home with you to the United States? Trying to fit all the things that are important to you just in your check-in luggage simply isn’t enough.

Tour Guides

Tour Guides -​​ Even if you’re traveling to the United States for work, we understand that you’ll want some time to enjoy the destination. And, if you’re traveling for leisure, you should be able to get the most time you possibly…

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking -​​ Having the right accomodations is essential for the perfect experience abroad. Whether you’re traveling to the United States to handle business or to check something new off your bucket list,

Hajj & Umrah Programs

Hajj Programs

Each of our Hajj Group or Hajj Package tour has a dedicated experienced Hajj Group Leader who is responsible for you throughout your entire tour. Each Hajj Package tour also has its own team of staff to guide you throughout your journey during your stay in Makkah/Madinah and the 5 days of Hajj. We make sure that our staff is responsible for you, your luggage through the entire tour.

Umrah Programs

FIT Travel And Services offer helpful advice on everything from Booking to Flights and Umrah itself. We offer tailor made Umrah packages to suit your needs. We offer Visa services, flight services, accommodation in Makkah and Madinah that are walking distance to the Sacred Mosques. Whatever needs you require for Umrah, we will ensure that we will meet your requirements.

Our Vision

Individuals who relocate to the United States often encounter challenges in the course of their assignment or permanent move. Things like a new language, a sudden illness, dealing with travel arrangements, new customs, and procedures, as well as different social, religious, and cultural  visions, acquiring insurance, financial products, housing, and so on, can all distract individuals from being productive and finding comfort in the new host country.

FIT Travel & Services makes relocating to the United States as stress-free as possible, with personal  assistance that you can count on to be performed as requested, when requested. Our program is designed with one goal in mind: to speed up the process of helping individuals reach the highest level of performance by reducing the amount of stress associated with relocating to the United States.